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Recently I have been up to mah lazy liddle eyebawls in work so I have had a sort of terrible break up with the internet - you know the kind I am talking about... it's the 'I nvr <3 u ne wai' in a text while you are at work sort of break up - the kind that demands (traditionally) a tub of ice cream and a rebound or something. Anyway yeah. Work right? Hopefully I'll be back at the end of this week but I have approximately two months until I finish university (forever) and so I am still pretty snowed under. Mentally and physically I am exhausted at the moment is what I am trying to say, but hopefully it won't last forever.
I just have a whole lot going on at the moment that I am really looking forward to! This Friday I'll be going to Melbourne for my birthday, and there are a bunch of arts I feel like drawing as well.

I finished a HUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE project of mine (hoho secret secret) which is why I have been rather absent from DA for yonks. I have character art to draw for a friend, and for some other people I know, and I would love to get something up for the soul eater OC group's contest *__* it would be awesome to get to request arts from :iconappendagechild: but that is first place so >.> unlikely. I also really want to get out a drawing for Supanova which is coming up. Why? because it would be cool~

So yeah I have a lot to do and it feels like I have not so much time to do it in, but this just makes it all the more exciting, I think.
Today I went to dreamworld with a buddy o' mine and we had a kickass time. Most we went and saw animals but by the end of the day we migrated to white water world and it was awesome. Aparently those Q4U devices worked well for my family but for me it was all missed phone calls/appointments and not a whole lot of ride going... oh well. I had a brilliant time, lots of fun to be had. There were some cool things to see and take happy snaps of (which I did).
Gonna watch this - been recommended to me ^__^ - trailer:…

the VO is kinda crappy but oh well wtf.

Today I did next to nothing - wow I didn't see that coming [/sarcasm]. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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So I just found out there will be a Professor Layton Phoenix Wright Xover. I need this game DDD: I need this game... and a 3DS... oh man if only it hadn't come out on the new handheld I could have gone my whole life without a stupid gimmicky 3d version of my beloved DS... LAYTON WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME AFHJSDHFfdksfjsdkjhgdfsg.

Trailer :3…
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